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Preschool Gymnastics

Parent and Tot - Ages 18 months - 35 months: 30 minutes, 1x/week, $58/month

Preschool - Ages 3 and 4 years: 45 minutes, 1x/week, $63/month

Our co-ed preschool gymnastics classes introduce young athletes to gymnastics skills on vault, bars, beam and floor in a fun and interactive environment. Early gymnastics helps your athlete to learn body awareness and gain strength and flexibility that will serve them well in any sport!


Athletes interact with coaches and classmates while learning to take turns and listen to instructions.  But, most importantly, they have fun! 


Recreational Gymnastics

Ages 5+

Beginner (Silver) and Intermediate (Black): 55 minutes, 1x/week, $73/month

Advanced (Purple): 85 minutes, 1x/week, $95/month

Our girls gymnastics classes teach athletes gymnastics skills on vault, bars, beam and floor in a positive and hands-on environment. The classes utilize a custom progressive curriculum that prepares them to progress through the levels as they gain skills. Gymnasts will gain strength, flexibility, confidence and a sense of accomplishment that will prepare them for life whether they choose to move into team gymnastics, or utilize their talents in another sport or activity.  




Ages 5+

Co-ed Tumbling 1, Tumbling 2, Tumbling 3, and Advanced Tumbling: 55 minutes, 1x/week, $73/month

Beginners start with forward and backward rolls, bridges, handstands, and cartwheels, and skills progress through the levels.  Tumblers in Advanced Tumbling are working on skills from back tucks to full and double twisting.

Our custom tumbling curriculum prepares tumblers to grow in strength, flexibility and confidence while developing more advanced tumbling.  

Tumbling is a great class for it's own sake, but it is also valuable for dancers and cheerleaders looking to increase their skills. 


Flip and Flex

Flip and Flex- Ages 5-12: 55 minutes, 1x/week, $73/month

Flip and Flex is a fast-paced, fun-oriented class for boys wanting to increase strength and stamina and learn tumbling basics. This is the perfect class to get your athlete ready for their next sports season, or to help him to burn off some energy while learning flipping safely. 


Preteam Gymnastics

Mini-Royals - 45 minutes, 2x/week (90 minutes per week), $95/month

Royals 1 & 2 - 90 minutes, 2x/week (3 hours per week), $139/month

Preteam season runs from May 1 - April 30 each year.  Athletes progress more quickly with more time in the gym, learning skills on vault, bars, beam, and floor in preparation for the annual Stubby Spectacular In-House meet in March.  

Preteam athletes get to know each other and enjoy team bonding, in addition to gymnastics.  Participating on the MEKS preteam is great preparation to join the competitive teams! 

Stop at the front desk or email us for more information about preteam:

Competitive Team Gymnastics

Our competitive program starts with Xcel Bronze for most athletes.  Bronze athletes practice 2 1/2 hours, 2x/week.  We offer Xcel Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Sapphire and USAG Development Program Levels 6 - 10. 

Team season runs from May 1 - April 30 each year.  Athletes learn skills and routines and compete in 7 competitions/year running from November - March.

Our team program seeks to allow each individual to meet her individual goals in a positive, team-oriented environment.  

Athletes wishing to inquire about team should contact Misty Carpenter at or ask at the front desk. 

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