Our Commitment

Registration, Billing and Renewal

Class Attendance and Make-ups

Holidays, Inclement Weather and Closings


Sports Parenting

Our Commitment

At MEKS we believe it is absolutely possible to have a facility that focuses on the whole child and not simply a gymnast ~ a place where children can grow in the love of gymnastics with state-of-the-art equipment and exceptional coaching truly focused on their individual strengths.

From Optional and Xcel team gymnastics to recreational, tumbling and pre-school classes, we are committed to providing exceptional coaching and programs designed to help your children achieve their goals, have fun and be physically active.


Registration, Billing and Renewal

Your first class is always a free trial class.  If your child enjoys it, we are happy to enroll you. At this point, an annual registration fee is due. This registration fee is good for a full year, even if the student takes time off. The registration fee will be discounted for second and subsequent children in the same family.


When a child is enrolled for classes at MEKS Gymnastics, he or she will be guaranteed that spot until a parent turns in a request to withdraw. If a child decides to drop out at any time, notice must be given two weeks prior to the beginning of the next month or you will be billed for those classes. Classes are billed monthly before the last week of the month.


Recreational students may be moved to a new level whenever they are ready, even if it is mid-month. If openings exist, students may move to a different day or time as needed.


MEKS offers a 10% discount for any siblings of enrolled students (25% discount if both siblings are members of MEKS competitive team). A 50% discount will be given for any child signing up for a second class.


Payments are due on the 1st day of the month. We encourage you to store a credit card on file to be run on the first of the month via your Parent Portal. If you need help, the front desk can set that up for you. If you prefer, payments can be made by credit card through our Parent Portal at meksgym.com, by calling 765-400-2220, or by stopping at the front desk. We also accept payment by cash or check.


A $20/class late fee is added if payment is not received by the 10th of the month. Students who have not paid by the 15th will be dropped from the class, and charges will still be owed.


Class Attendance and Make-ups

Regular attendance in class helps your student to gain strength and learn skills. Students missing classes will miss opportunities to learn. Please arrive on time and ready to participate.  Proper attire should be worn, and hair should be pulled away from the face and tied back. You may send a water bottle or sports drink with your child.  We have water and Gatorade for sale at the front desk as well as water fountains.


If a student needs to miss a class, he or she may make up with another of the same class, space permitting. Parents need to schedule make-ups online through the Parent Portal or at the front desk.  This ensures that there is space in the class for your child to attend. If space is not available or the times do not fit into the student’s schedule, you will receive an open gym pass for missed classes.


If your student needs to miss two or more classes in a row, please let us know.


Please do not bring children who are unwell, particularly if they are suffering from nausea or feeling sick. Children must be fever-free for 24 hours (without the aid of medication) before they may return to the gym. Keeping them home while ill will allow your child to heal and will stop the spread of disease to other children in the gym.


Please pick your child up at the conclusion of class. If you would like to watch your student participate, or if your child is not ready to be left, please plan to stay in our parent seating area. If you do not stay for class, children must wait inside until you arrive to pick them up. Safety is our number one priority, so students may not enter the parking area until you are visible.


Holidays, Inclement Weather and Closings

MEKS Gymnastics will be occasionally be closed for holidays or other breaks. These may include time for Easter, Memorial Day, July 4, Summer break week, Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas/New Year’s. If at any point there are fewer than four classes in a month, your fees will be pro-rated.


In the event of an inclement weather closing, we will send out an email and post the information on our Facebook page.  Please keep a look out for these announcements whenever the weather appears to be bad.




MEKS has many ways to communicate with you as parents:

  • One-on-one communication with coaches after class

  • Individual emails sent to the address on file

  • E-mail announcements reminding you about closings, billing, and other key information.

  • A quarterly newsletter

  • Posters around the gym

  • Facebook and Instagram posts


Please feel free to talk to us to share information, ask questions, or express concerns anytime! Specifically:

  • Ensure that MEKS is informed about any change of details, including contact and medical information, particularly any new diagnosis or change of emergency contact details.

  • If there is anything that your child’s coach may need to know, please share that information including any injuries that occur outside of class, any changes in schedule or routine that have impacted his/her ability to focus and participate (i.e., starting school), anything else that his/her coach may benefit from knowing

  • Report any injuries that occur within the gym to a coach at the time.

  • If you have questions or concerns, you may speak with your child’s coach or with a member of the management team. Please stop at the front desk if you need assistance getting in touch with the appropriate person.

  • Parents are always welcome to discuss their child’s progress or needs with their coach or the Recreational Director or Head Team Coach. Please feel free to ask questions or raise your concerns with the coaching staff. Any concerns should relate to the training of your child and should not refer to the training of any other child.


Sports Parenting

As a parent, you are your child’s biggest supporter! We work in partnership to help your child grow through gymnastics. To increase your child’s enjoyment of gymnastics and to ensure the safety of all gymnasts at our facility, we ask that you:

  • Remember that children participate in this sport for their benefit, not yours.

  • Focus on the gymnast’s efforts and performance rather than the results or winning or losing. Remember that your child will learn skills and improve on his/her own timeline. Look for ways to celebrate his/her successes rather than to compare them to another student.

  • Understand that once your child enters the training area they are in the care and supervision of the coaching staff. Please refrain from attracting their attention until they have been dismissed at the end of the class. You should not remove your child during class without first speaking to the coach.

  • Reinforce the rules of the gym and encourage your child to follow them. The rules are there to help our gym run safely and smoothly for the gymnasts.

  • Never enter the training area.

  • Support the staff in their enforcement of the rules and their coaching techniques

  • Show appreciation and respect for the coaches, officials and volunteers without whom, your child could not participate.

  • Avoid the disparagement of the knowledge, ability or performance of gymnasts or coaches.

  • Respect and adhere fully to MEKS and USAG policy regarding filming, videoing and photography. You may not video or photograph another child without permission from that child’s legal guardian.


We thank you for your participation in MEKS Gymnastics Academy’s program! We appreciate the trust that you have placed in us, and we are committed to helping your children to gain confidence, strength, enjoyment and growth through gymnastics. 

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