COVID Policy 

to keep everyone safe and healthy

We are committed to doing everything we can do to ensure that the gym is a safe and healthy place for all of our athletes and staff to enjoy. We will follow the recommendations of the CDC and state and local health departments. 


We are:

  • Recommending mask wearing for all non-vaccinated individuals.

  • Spacing out chairs to allow for 6 foot of distance between observers.

  • Sanitizing every surface between classes and frequently throughout the day

  • Providing and requiring the use of hand sanitizer upon entry and between rotations

  • Using separate chalk blocks for each athlete (team only)

Please contact us with any other questions. More information is available about best practices and procedures at the Center for Disease Control's website. You can also see more local data and mandates at the Madison County Health Department's website.

In good health,

Misty Carpenter & Jennifer Hollems